Happy 1st Birthday to Brass Tacks! What a wonderful year it’s been. While this is naturally the time of year to reflect back on 2013 (and personally it was a great one), it’s also a time for me to celebrate the success of one year in business!

To say I’ve learned a lot in this past year is an understatement. Starting your own business takes focus, patience, passion and the strength to weather the ups and downs. With that comes immense rewards. The thrilling feeling of your very first client, the “pinch me” moments while working on incredible projects and the awe as the community begins to recognize your name. With clients from California to Chicago (and many places in-between) to projects that span the planning of luxury dream vacations to the nitty gritty of daily errands (and many unique requests in-between)- this year has brought many rewarding challenges, wonderful new friendships and a drive to continue to grow and enhance Brass Tacks.

While we’re only one week into the start of a New Year, there are already some exciting new changes on the horizon for Brass Tacks. The first is a new and improved website! I couldn’t be more excited for this project and can’t wait to share the finished product with you in the coming months. It will include fresh imagery, easy navigation and a cleaner and more contemporary aesthetic. In addition, there will be a new and improved blog which will allow me to offer more regular (and pretty) blog content! I have so many ideas for this space, I can’t wait to start sharing consistent and relevant content with my lovely followers.

From a service perspective, I continue to offer a wide array of services from travel itinerary planning to organization and errand assistance to specific one-off requests. 2013 proved that everyone has their own definition of what they can’t make time for. Because of this I continue to cater to a variety of needs and enhance my offerings based on your important feedback. 2013 also proved that everyone needs a little help during the holidays- from wrapping to shopping to planning for out of town trips- Brass Tacks kept busy! While my holiday offering will continue in 2014, expect to see some fun new offers and a wider array of Holiday Gift Guides!

Reflecting back on 2013 has left me feeling grateful. Grateful for my growing business, my wonderful clients and the ability to do something I truly enjoy. My goal is always to bring simplicity to your busy lives and I am excited to continue to do so in 2014.

So…thank you for your support this past year and cheers to the start of an extraordinary second year!

xo Perris