With the first day of spring quickly approaching, I’ve got spring cleaning projects on my mind. With the closet, I find it best to decide if you want to keep, donate or alter each item. Often, we keep pieces in our closet that don’t fit correctly, and they end up going unworn for months or maybe years {guilty}. Do yourself the favor of either going to the tailor or donating the item this spring. You will have a new, refreshed feeling when putting together outfits each morning when your clothes fit correctly or when you’re not feeling guilty about that jacket that still has the tag on it from two years ago.
In addition to my tips above, here a few of my favorite space savers:
+These baskets from Target house my scarves on the top shelves of my closet
+ These drawer dividers from Ikea help keep my undergarments nice and neat
+ This hanging shelf stores all of my workout clothes

Happy organizing!