Show and Tell- Volume 5

Show and Tell- vol 5


1 Good Vibes Only 2 Mixed Succulent Wreath 3 Otomi Table Lamp 4 Faux Deer Antler 5 Marais Side Chair 6 Strut Console Table 7 Catalina Rug 8 Colorblock Woven Baskets

I’m in major new house planning mode over here and have been doing a lot of thinking about what makes a house a home. The feeling of “home” is derived from an intimate relationship between ourselves and our space. When finished properly, a home gives you comfort, pleasure and a personal sanctuary. It is the accumulation of meaningful items that ties a home to you and your life experiences. Or maybe it’s not about what’s in your home at all but rather a general sense of familiarity. It’s quite easy to get caught up in only wanting the finest finishing touches for your house. Expensive furniture, top of the line appliances and everything else you see on the pages of a glossy magazine. But, at the end of the day, your home is your cozy space. It’s a half drunk glass of wine in the kitchen. A ruffled blanket on the couch. Your slippers by your bedside table. Your pup’s bone tucked away in the couch cushions. An unmade bed and piles of laundry. The smell of your husbands cologne and that favorite recipe you cooked last night. A place surrounded with simple possessions that inspire you and your loved ones. Home is where you begin your morning and end your evening. It is where you share moments of joy and moments of sorrow. Most importantly it is where you grow as an individual and watch your family grow along side you.

The importance of all of this seems more obvious as I begin planning the remodel for the home that will be our family home. I’m trying to make decisions through the eyes of what my children will one day see. Keeping that in mind I hope to make my home a cozy but bright space that reflects the happiness my husband and I share on a daily basis. One which teaches our children to love and be loved and to approach everyday choosing joy. With that said, I’m sharing a bright smattering of items today that just exude playfulness. From a reminder to share good vibes to pretty eye candy to gold accents and an artistic lamp. There are so many ways to really liven up a home- I can’t wait until we complete our remodel and begin making our house a home.

Show and Tell- Volume 3

show and tell- vol 3


1 Tory Burch Calita Dress 2 Teil Duncan Artwork 3 Illume Go Be Lovely Soap 4 Illume Sketchbook Ceramic Candle 5 Truce Juice 6 Letter For You Pillow 7 Rifle Happy Stripe Wrapping Paper

I am embracing the arrival of April with open arms. The snow is falling sun is shining and all I can think about is summers out on the lake (yes, I realize this is a bit premature).

I plan to be sporting a series of breezy dresses all summer with this boho-chic number on the top of my list. Summer also gives me reason to end my winter diet (hello red wine and pasta) and start eating healthy again. What better way to get your daily veggies than to drink them?! Truce is my favorite local juice company with options like The Vacay which actually taste as if you’re on vacation. On the topic of local companies, Minnesota based candle company Illume, is killing it lately with their gorgeous illustrated candles and soaps giving fans like me a reason to shop not only for scent (how amazing do pineapple cilantro and cactus verde sound?!) but also for pattern. Speaking of talented illustrators, how fabulous is Teil Duncan? I’m head over heels for this talented girls work and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of new originals so one can come live with me on Lake Minnnetonka. There’s nothing I love more than amazing artwork other than fun pillows. This option is whimsical yet neutral and is sure to add character to any room. Wrap it up pretty for an April birthday girl and she’ll love you right back.

Grosgrain Love


From left to right: Linen Striped Grosgrain Napkin Set / Vera Wang Golden Grosgrain TeacupTypographer’s Linen Table Runner / Grosgrain Ribbon / Sperry for Jcrew Boat Shoes / Italian Grosgrain Sheet Set

Grosgrain: (noun): A heavy, corded ribbon or cloth of silk or rayon.

While I’ve always loved wrapping with grosgrain ribbon, I’ve lately noticed it popping up everywhere! From shoe strings to napkin trim to the inspiration behind Vera Wang china– it’s safe to say this ribbed textile has staying power.

A Parisian Bridal Shower

There’s no better way to perk up a snowy SPRING day then by helping plan a fabulous Parisian inspired bridal shower. So many fun options to play with I can’t wait to see how this event turns out!! For now here’s a sneak peak at a few of the mood boards I pulled together.

Beverages Decor Desserts Favors Hors D'oeuvres Lunch